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The Ultimate Health + Wellbeing Diet 2 - Add Your Own Salad Greens

The Ultimate Health + Wellbeing Diet 2 - Add Your Own Salad Greens

Fish, Chicken, Meat, Vegetarian

You will love how you feel eating this all-natural menu of super healthy meals. No processed foods here! Just real ingredients, home cooked with no additives and no preservatives. The result - feel good, look good, improve your health and sense of wellbeing.

To complete this ultra nutritious wellbeing diet, all you need to do is add fresh berries and plain full-fat yoghurt (or milk/plant-based milk of your choice) to the breakfast muesli supplied. Plus, add a pack of fresh salad leaves for the salads. Eat the larger, meatier meals for lunch and lighter meals (vegetarian, soups, salads) for dinner. Ensure you leave a 3-hour gap between dinner bed, to optimise digestion and extend your overnight fast.


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Meal Plan

Breakfast12g Protein  35g Carbs  19g Fat

5 Day Muesli Pack
  • 366 Calories
  • 12g Protein
  • 35g Carbs
  • 19g Fat

Lunch138g Protein  124g Carbs  63g Fat

Chicken san choy bau w rice
  • 298 Calories
  • 21g Protein
  • 28g Carbs
  • 11g Fat
Chicken w Mediterranean vegetables + black olives
  • 305 Calories
  • 30g Protein
  • 15g Carbs
  • 13g Fat
Rich beef stew w chick pea + dates
  • 396 Calories
  • 40g Protein
  • 36g Carbs
  • 8g Fat
Vege lasagne
  • 307 Calories
  • 11g Protein
  • 33g Carbs
  • 14g Fat
Chicken w preserved lemon + zucchini
  • 354 Calories
  • 36g Protein
  • 12g Carbs
  • 17g Fat

Dinner85g Protein  98g Carbs  67g Fat

Vegetable + lentil burger
  • 257 Calories
  • 10g Protein
  • 32g Carbs
  • 8g Fat
Smoked salmon + potato salad - Add Your Own Salad Greens
  • 339 Calories
  • 14 g Protein
  • 14g Carbs
  • 22g Fat
Broccoli + almond soup
  • 174 Calories
  • 9g Protein
  • 15g Carbs
  • 7g Fat
Individual Meals/Salads/Lunch/Dinner
Japanese chicken poke bowl - Add your own salad greens
  • 315 Calories
  • 25g Protein
  • 29g Carbs
  • 8g Fat
Salmon chermoula - Fish Only
  • 176 Calories
  • 21g Protein
  • 1g Carbs
  • 10g Fat
Vegetable ratatouille - serves 1
  • 60 Calories
  • 3g Protein
  • 6g Carbs
  • 3g Fat
Wilted spinach w lemon oil - serves 1
  • 105 Calories
  • 3g Protein
  • 1g Carbs
  • 9g Fat


Dietlicious and Gourmet Dinner Service kitchens are strictly maintained to the highest standards of food hygiene and safety. However, if you have food allergies, you should be aware that all our meals are made in a kitchen that also produces meals with wheat, oats, gluten, fish, seafood, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts and seeds. Please see our T&C’s for further information.