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Vegetarian & Plant Based

  1. Food trends 2021. What could you be eating this year?

    Food trends 2021. What could you be eating this year?

    I love eating variety and appreciate how good food diversity is for gut health and overall wellness. It’s because of this that I’m always fascinated to hear about new ingredients. New foods inspire me to get creative in the kitchen, sampling new taste combinations and inventing new recipes.

  2. The secrets to good gut health

    The secrets to good gut health

    Your gut is your first line of defence against pathogens and toxins. It’s also responsible for digesting your food, absorbing nutrients and making vitamins. But the importance of gut health extends far beyond that! We now know that it impacts your immune system, body weight, metabolism, brain functions and mood regulation.

  3. Can plant-based eating protect you from COVID-19?

    Can plant-based eating protect you from COVID-19?

    Since the start of this pandemic, and as coronavirus panic has escalated, there have been many touted treatments and cures. Some may have a scientific basis, though there are numerous bogus or downright dangerous ones as well.

    One of the latest claims to capture headlines in the media is from well-regarded scientist Dr T. Colin Campbell who has drawn on his previous research to say that eating a plant-based diet is protective against COVID-19. Could this be true?

  4. Zoe Bingley-Pullin: 3 Pieces of health advice you can’t live without this year

    Zoe Bingley-Pullin: 3 Pieces of health advice you can’t live without this year

    Do you want to live a healthier and happier life this year?  Do you want to feel better, have more energy and move more easily? Perhaps you want to sleep better, get your blood sugars under control, feel less moody or anxious or have a happier outlook. All of this is within your reach and I’m going to show you how with just three simple pieces of health advice.

    Firstly, here’s what you DON’T need in 2020.  A fad diet, anything extreme, weird or that makes you feel uncomfortable.

    What I do focus on are the things you can do for yourself right now to bring about the most dramatic improvement in your health and wellbeing.  Bringing together sensible eating and basic lifestyle modifications across nutrition, body and mental wellness, will help you towards a longer, healthier and happier life in 2020.

  5. Fighting Flab with Fibre

    Fighting Flab with Fibre

    Fibre is now recognised as being vitally important to our gut health and our overall health.  But did you know that it can help you to lose weight and keep it off too?  Studies show that a higher fibre intake is associated with lower body fat, body weight and BMI.

  6. Zoe Bingley-Pullin: Top Food Trends for 2020

    Zoe Bingley-Pullin: Top Food Trends for 2020

    If you’re wondering what direction food and health is going in this year, wonder no more.  Here are some key trends you can expect in 2020 so you can get ahead of the curve.  Want to buck the trends?  Great, this article is for you too!  I’ll finish off with some no-nonsense advice to help you experience great health in the year ahead, regardless of whether you buy into the fad products or not.

  7. Plant-Based Meat – Not all it's beefed up to be

    Plant-Based Meat – Not all it's beefed up to be

    You’ve probably heard the recent hype about the plant-based burgers that have taken the fast food and grocery worlds by storm.  There’s the Hungry Jack’s plant-based burger (the Rebel Whopper), the Impossible Burger, the Incredible Burger, the Beyond Burger, the Soul Burger and so many more.

  8. Are you a reducetarian or should you be?

    Are you a reducetarian or should you be?

    Before you can answer that question, let us explain what a reducetarian is.  Firstly, if you’re thinking to yourself not another diet to get my head around, then think again.  This is not a diet, more a philosophy about food, sustainability and positive change.

    The term reducetarian was coined several years ago and describes a growing movement of individuals who actively reduce the amount of meat and animal products in their diets.  The concept appeals to many people, as it’s inclusive and attainable.  It’s not just for vegans and vegetarians.  It’s also for those who may not want to completely eliminate meat and animal products but still want to make a change.

  9. Recipe: Healthy Anzac Biscuits

    Recipe: Healthy Anzac Biscuits

    These yummy cookies will satisfy your Anzac cravings and leave you feeling gratified and better yet, guilt-free!

    Anzac biscuits have long been associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) which was established in World War I.  The biscuits were initially known as ‘soldier biscuits’ and were sold at fetes and public events to raise money to support the war effort. Later they were included in parcels that loved ones and charities sent to the troops, as the biscuits tended to last well.

  10. Plant Power: The benefits of eating a plant-based diet

    Benefits of eating a plant based diet

    Did you know that tennis champion Venus Williams is a vegan? We often associate sporting performance with a diet rich in animal meat proteins but now there are a number of high profile sports stars who are proving that plant-based diets can absolutely provide all the right fuel.

    In Venus’ case, she made the switch when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that nearly ended her tennis career. Unable to play and forced to withdraw from a number of matches, she eventually sought treatment and radically changed her eating habits.  She attributes her plant eating ways with not only helping fight her condition but also giving her a newfound strength on the court.


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