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Tag: hormones

  1. Zoe Bingley-Pullin: Get Sweaty! The benefits of exercise and sauna use

    Zoe Bingley-Pullin: Get Sweaty! The benefits of exercise and sauna use

    Sweating is the body’s built-in air conditioning system. When our internal temperature rises, our sweat glands release water to the surface of our skin. As the perspiration evaporates, it cools the skin and blood underneath. Sweat arises from one of three instances - when we exercise, when we have a fever, or when we are anxious and stressed.

    We all have around 4 million sweat glands that excrete a mixture of water, salt, amino acids and other substances. The exact composition of sweat varies from person to person based on hormone balance, physiological changes, and any bacteria and viruses in the body.

  2. Dr. Joanna: Why it’s OK to Be Hungry

    Dr. Joanna McMillan on Why it's Ok to Always Feel Hungry

    I’ve been amazed at how many people over the years have told me they aren’t really ever hungry. But when you think about it, perhaps it’s not so surprising. We have access to food pretty much 24/7 and there is little risk that it is going to run out. This  is a relatively new situation for the human race and one that we are not collectively coping with terribly well.

    If you never truly feel hungry you are most likely overeating or at the very least you are not responding to your body’s cues to eat, but when society norms tell you to – does 1 o’clock mean lunchtime regardless of how hungry you are? Does 3pm signal a cuppa with a biscuit or some other sweet treat for afternoon tea?

    Feeling hungry is a good thing though. In fact, I would even go so far as to say it’s essential for optimal health and wellbeing. Here’s why.


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