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Tag: gut health

  1. Pandemic Protection: staying healthy & foods that boost your immune system

    Pandemic Protection: staying healthy & foods that boost your immune system Stopping the spread of Coronavirus and #flatteningthecurve is the number one goal for all Australians right now. You’ll know that even the slightest sniffle is being regarded with the utmost suspicion, and could see you sent packing from work to self-isolate at home. With that in mind, sources of illness and infection should be avoided at all costs and we need to shore up our immune systems to ward off attack. Read more...
  2. Zoe Bingley-Pullin: 3 Pieces of health advice you can’t live without this year

    Zoe Bingley-Pullin: 3 Pieces of health advice you can’t live without this year

    Do you want to live a healthier and happier life this year?  Do you want to feel better, have more energy and move more easily? Perhaps you want to sleep better, get your blood sugars under control, feel less moody or anxious or have a happier outlook. All of this is within your reach and I’m going to show you how with just three simple pieces of health advice.

    Firstly, here’s what you DON’T need in 2020.  A fad diet, anything extreme, weird or that makes you feel uncomfortable.

    What I do focus on are the things you can do for yourself right now to bring about the most dramatic improvement in your health and wellbeing.  Bringing together sensible eating and basic lifestyle modifications across nutrition, body and mental wellness, will help you towards a longer, healthier and happier life in 2020.

  3. Fighting Flab with Fibre

    Fighting Flab with Fibre

    Fibre is now recognised as being vitally important to our gut health and our overall health.  But did you know that it can help you to lose weight and keep it off too?  Studies show that a higher fibre intake is associated with lower body fat, body weight and BMI.

  4. Zoe Bingley-Pullin: Top Food Trends for 2020

    Zoe Bingley-Pullin: Top Food Trends for 2020

    If you’re wondering what direction food and health is going in this year, wonder no more.  Here are some key trends you can expect in 2020 so you can get ahead of the curve.  Want to buck the trends?  Great, this article is for you too!  I’ll finish off with some no-nonsense advice to help you experience great health in the year ahead, regardless of whether you buy into the fad products or not.

  5. Plant Power: The benefits of eating a plant-based diet

    Benefits of eating a plant based diet

    Did you know that tennis champion Venus Williams is a vegan? We often associate sporting performance with a diet rich in animal meat proteins but now there are a number of high profile sports stars who are proving that plant-based diets can absolutely provide all the right fuel.

    In Venus’ case, she made the switch when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that nearly ended her tennis career. Unable to play and forced to withdraw from a number of matches, she eventually sought treatment and radically changed her eating habits.  She attributes her plant eating ways with not only helping fight her condition but also giving her a newfound strength on the court.

  6. Dr. Joanna McMillan: Are you a flexitarian dieter?

    Dr. Joanna McMillan on flexitarian diet

    Flexitarian is the new buzz word when it comes to how to eat. If you haven’t heard of it yet you will now, you might even be on one without knowing it!

    The word basically means flexible vegetarian. The true vegetarians amongst you might find that odd – you either are or you aren’t – but with my nutrition hat on I think it’s generally a good thing.

    It encourages those of us who choose to eat animal foods, especially meat, to opt for a few more vegetarian meals in our week and give a serious boost to our plant food intake.

  7. Dr. Joanna: Why it’s OK to Be Hungry

    Dr. Joanna McMillan on Why it's Ok to Always Feel Hungry

    I’ve been amazed at how many people over the years have told me they aren’t really ever hungry. But when you think about it, perhaps it’s not so surprising. We have access to food pretty much 24/7 and there is little risk that it is going to run out. This  is a relatively new situation for the human race and one that we are not collectively coping with terribly well.

    If you never truly feel hungry you are most likely overeating or at the very least you are not responding to your body’s cues to eat, but when society norms tell you to – does 1 o’clock mean lunchtime regardless of how hungry you are? Does 3pm signal a cuppa with a biscuit or some other sweet treat for afternoon tea?

    Feeling hungry is a good thing though. In fact, I would even go so far as to say it’s essential for optimal health and wellbeing. Here’s why.


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