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  1. The Fast 800 Calorie Diet from Michael Mosley

    Dr. Michael Mosley on the New Fast 800 Calorie Diet Plan

    If you have a lot of weight to lose or are keen for a quicker approach, the Fast 800 may be the perfect solution for you. Created by health guru, Dr Michael Mosley, who brought us the 5:2 diet, the Fast 800 is the culmination of further research on safe, rapid weight loss. This diet is outlined in Dr Mosley's book, The Fast 800: How to combine rapid weight loss and intermittent fasting for long-term health

    Take me straight to the Fast 800 Calorie Diet Plan

  2. Weight loss meal plans: what’s the best diet plan for me?

    Weight loss meal plans: what’s the best diet plan for me?

    If you're starting out on a new weight loss meal plan or healthy eating regime, the choices can be overwhelming. At Dietlicious we have something for everyone, but if you're asking yourself, ‘what’s the best diet plan for me?’ then this is the article for you.

    The first thing you should know is that our restaurant-quality meals, meal plans and cleanses have been jointly created by nutritionists and chefs for you to enjoy at home. You get the tastiest meals that tick the nutritional boxes and will keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day. Managing your weight could not be easier! However, healthy eating, weight loss and weight management is a personal thing. So take a read of this handy guide to our most popular weight loss meal plans, to see if one sounds right for you.

  3. Have you hit a weight loss plateau?

    Have you hit a weight loss plateau?

    10 common weight loss mistakes and how to fix them

    Are you trying to lose weight but feel like you’re getting nowhere? Don’t be disheartened, we might be able to help. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most common reasons why you might be at a weight loss plateau or aren’t losing as much as you’d like, despite the effort you’re putting in. Thankfully, alongside each problem we’ve provided the solution, so you can get yourself back on track to being the healthy, happy person you want to be.

  4. Dr. Joanna: Is the 5:2 Diet Worth Trying?

    Dr. Joanna McMillan on the 5:2 Diet

    Is the 5:2 Diet Worth Trying?

    Dr Joanna McMillan

    The practice of fasting for health or spiritual reasons is as old as the hills. Pretty much every religion and many Eastern philosophies, have forms of fasting. Typically fasting is promoted as a means of discipline, reducing gluttony and for focusing the mind.

    More recently fasting has been promoted as a means to weight loss. The 5:2 diet, made famous by Dr Michael Mosley of BBC Horizon fame, has been one of the most popular diets of the last year and looks set to remain so.


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